Assess. Plan. Relax.

What’s LifeBright?

We are an online investment management and financial planning company that offers uniquely designed investment portfolios that are customized, automatically re-balanced, and performance driven. We also offer a comprehensive look at where you stand now financially, and how you can improve where you are today.


Whether you’re looking for an easy to use automated  investment solution, financial planning help, or both… We’ve got you covered!


Get advice when you need it from your dedicated, licensed advisor for no additional cost.

  • Simple
    to use:

  • Low Cost:

  • Customized

  • Service


Once you start working with LifeBright, we believe you’ll immediately see the benefits.

But, here’s a primer to help
you get started.
  • 1

    Support from your own CFP® or ChFC® personal consultant.

  • 2

    Planning that fits your lifestyle today.

  • 3

    Investing that is easy, simple, and stress-free

  • 4

    Never extra fee's for premium services.

  • 5

    Ongoing support to keep you motivated and on track.

Our process is intuitive,
and easy to use.

We don’t clutter the investing process by selling ancillary stuff.

  • No mortgages.
  • No credit cards.
  • No extra bank accounts.
  • No insurance products.
  • No additional fees for premium services.

Just a great  financial plan and/or investment portfolio that’s easy to set up, and even easier to maintain. To make things even better, link your other financial accounts to your LifeBright account and see everything you hold, regardless of where you hold it.

Whether you need help investing for the future or simply getting started with your financial plan, we offer solutions that are easy to use, well detailed and executed, and cost effective.

Our portfolio management process is based on Nobel Prize winning research, which seeks to reduce portfolio risk through asset allocation.

We are with you every step of the way!


  • Advice from a Financial Advisor – No additional fee
  • Tax loss harvesting on all accounts – No additional fee
  • No commissions
  • No account fee’s
  • No minimum cash requirement

We are a registered investment advisor and fiduciary.

The benefits of professional money management—with the tap of a finger.

Whether you’re interested in professional guidance to develop a financial roadmap or looking for a more efficient investment management option, we designed LifeBright specifically for you.


Get professional money management without the associated complexity or steep fees, and have access to your financial plan or investment accounts anytime, anywhere from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.


Learn more about the opportunities that await you!